My name is Matt Abele.  I have a passion to communicate through digital means, whether that be social media, graphic design, photography, website design, or videography.  Over the years, I have gained wonderful on the ground experience through internships and freelance work.


I received my bachelor's degree in Appropriate Technology from Appalachian State University in 2013.  This program focused on technical solutions to problems facing both society and the environment.  Appropriate Technology provided a strong background in renewable energy systems and information regarding society‚Äôs use of natural resources.


After graduation, I sought to incorporate my environmental background into my passion for communication.  I filled this gap in fall 2013 when I began the Master's of Communication program at NC State University.  Within this program I have dedicated my studies to environmental communication.  More specifically, I have been focusing on environmental advocacy groups and coal ash within the state of North Carolina.  Soon, I hope to take my experience and knowledge into the working world when I graduate in May 2015.


Currently, I am available for freelance hire on any sort of graphic design, video, or photography project.


Feel free to contact me at 704.658.6265 or mrabele@ncsu.edu